The hair transplant surgical procedure has elaborated over the last years. The increase in technology advancements has flagged and evolved hair transplant techniques.

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is considered one of the most sophisticated and innovated method for hair transplant. This technique of hair implantation ensures technical act light.

The FUE Hair transplant is very invasive and ensures natural looking result. The FUE carries the lowest possible risk of harming and damaging the scalp in the transplanted area with the utilization of special devices with sapphire blades.

What is SAPPHIRE FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE hair Transplantation has 3 phases:

  • Extraction of the grafts,
  • Incision (canal opening),
  • Implantation

Sapphire FUE hair transplant is related to the technique of canal opening known Incisions in the recipient area on the scalp. The procedure is performed by special sapphire blades with super fine needles.

This way of making the tiny and very small slits will have the same size as the diameter of the grafts.

Rather than into slits, the hair follicles are transplanted into three-dimensional channels created with very fine needles.

The advantages of using Sapphire Blades:

The incisions on the scalp made with a sapphire blade are much slender comparing to the incisions made with standard instruments. The result can be accurate clean and minimal scalp trauma which speeds the healing and lessen scarring.

Due to the composition of Sapphire knife Sapphire blades or Sapphire knifes from single crystal, synthetic sapphires (Al2O3), it won’t have metal ion reactivity.

The precision of the incision as this instrument is clear and allows the surgeon to see the tissue under the knife’s edge.

Sapphire hair transplantation blade tools must be applicated by specialist surgeon.

At Hairmedico, the canal opening phase are done by using Sapphire Blades and only performed by Dr Arslan.

Are you considering a Hair Transplant?

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